Best Real Estate Development Software 2022 Reviews

Non-functional requirements describe the IT infrastructure of the project and set focus on cloud technologies or on-premises tools. Premier Construction Software’s dashboard places over 50 built-in reports at your fingertips. You’ll be able to add new items in seconds and drill down into any aspect for more detail. It provides high-level key performance indicators, tracking for approvals and pending items, as well as a summarized cost and revenue section. Inter-company transactions are common in the construction and land development industries, but they don’t always go smoothly.

It allows construction firms, contractors, architects and engineers to share data in the field, edit designs and provide up-to-date reports of a project’s life cycle. Businesses can create and manage construction project schedules and filter information according to summary tasks and resources. Its product portfolio supports project management, quality and safety measures, construction finances and field productivity.

The benefits that purpose-built project management technology provides are only improving and companies that embrace this trend early will emerge with a competitive advantage. From efficiency and accuracy to team communication and morale, the software is revolutionising how businesses manage projects, and the opportunity to leapfrog competitors is now. If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to start your real estate management software development journey, you should know a few benefits of this type of software.

Management software for property developers

At the moment, there is particular pressure on retail managers to reduce operating costs. We see PlanRadar as an option that will provide concrete time-savings for our colleagues while being cost-effective. The initial roll-out will focus on streamlining the repair and maintenance process, but we see plenty of other processes that could benefit from this flexible solution in the future. Build new assets with a platform that empowers your teams to own the entire lifecycle of your development. These are some of the products owners are using on ground-up development projects today.

Roots Software

They will also be able to apply for screening and credit reports using the app, which will speed up the process, as well as pay any application fees. If you’re focused on a guest-centric approach, you will most likely prefer a virtual concierge. Tenants should be able to view the terms of their either long or short-term rental agreement and follow the progress of their lease. With this feature, they could keep track of their residential contract conditions, move-in and move-out details, and outstanding costs.

For example, you can add AI-based functionality that will offer clients properties according to their behavior on the website. A scalable property management system is a solution with functionality that extends as your business grows. The more properties you manage, the more likely you are to expand the system. When all the mentioned above tasks are automated, you optimize the workflow and create opportunities for focusing on finding new tenants, lead generation, etc. Plus, you reduce the risk of making a mistake, since the property management system will take care of everything for you. Glorium Technologies provided full-stack platform development for the commercial real estate products of a software startup.

Management software for property developers

Otherwise, in case of data leakage, you’ll be the one legally responsible. For example, in large companies, the top management team doesn’t see the full picture because each department uses different software that isn’t necessarily synchronized. The best solution here is to integrate new software with existing ones to put puzzle pieces together. Using Angular, Glorium Technologies designed the UI/UX of an IoT platform that is used by hygiene specialists and hospitals to track hand disinfection. As an ambitious entrepreneur, you are likely planning to expand your business and grow your customer base. For that, you need to use advanced technologies that allow easy scaling while maintaining high standard app performance.


Despite having an over-saturated market with ready-to-go options, we strongly advise finding and utilizing a property management software development company. E-Builder provides an integrated, cloud-based platform with a focus on capital planning and bidding. It keeps teams connected while providing configurable inclusions to support facility owners. Several modules are available out of the box so users can design their project management experience.

Rapid changes in the market and the growing popularity of online listing portals are crafting increased competition for real estate firms. In such scenarios, it is imperative for realtors to implement sustainable marketing techniques. Rently is a digital platform that brings IoT into Real Estate and makes it integral to the property demonstration process. Finally, your product has gone live, but that does not imply that your work is finished. You’ll require continuous IT services, therefore there is no predetermined price or range for this stage. Depending on the complexity of the solution and the number of features, the development stage can cost anywhere between $30,000 and $45,000.

Benefits You Get with a Custom Property Management Software

Take your business to the next level by leveraging on our expertise in developing, implementing and managing customised solutions. We help our partners to maximise and accelerate results through our full-stack enterprise solutions in the real estate space. Manage your leads and follow-up more efficiently with our industry-specific CRM.

  • Allow Anton Systems to be your trusted provider of real estate development and property management software solutions.
  • Hire an offshore dedicated team or a few team members for your project.
  • The system also covers the post-construction phase of a property project allowing developers to optimise profitability with property sales trackers and comprehensive finance management.
  • Real estate development software digitalizes every document and places it in a single location.

Document management modules compile existing documents with new documentation as it is made. Store electronic copies of bid proposals, licenses, bill of materials, invoices, and more in one easily accessible location. Whether installed on-premises or hosted on the Cloud, the documents can be retrieved whenever necessary.

Renewal, canceling, suspending leases, tracking agents’ activities, reminding tenants about the rent, and collecting it—all these operations are available in modern real estate ERPs and CRMs. When your property app is developed and tested, it’s time to introduce it to the world. However, if you don’t have a well-prepared go-to-market strategy, your product risks being ignored by the customers and getting lost on the shelves of app stores. You need to ensure the technical capabilities to create your product exist before you launch full-fledged implementation. Proof of Concept will help you validate your product ideas by developing a technical solution for the most complex product feature. When you confirm the feasibility of the most challenging app part, you can move on to the next step of project implementation.

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In this case, by building and implementing custom-made PMS, you’ll save great amounts of money in the future. Moreover, you invest in a solution that can be tailored to fit your business and altered exactly how you need it. However, the gaps between disintegrated tools within your organization may be bridged bybuilding a custom property management system, which would consolidate existing software and ease the future integrations. Glorium Technologies develops software with the .NET framework for a healthcare technology company.

Master project management, client relationship management, financial management, estimates and change orders are some notable features. Real estate development software helps businesses analyze and track development projects. The software comes with process automation functionalities that simplify financial analysis, subcontractor management and project management. Any custom property management app should aim to reduce the amount of everyday tasks. By delegating much of the mundane and routine work, you can considerably reduce the labour and resources you’d ordinarily employ.

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Creating automated solutions for streamlining sales and marketing processes is one of the opportunities real estate business software development can promise. As a rule, these apps have a lot in common with CRM, real estate development software or they exchange the data to let business owners stay updated on the marketing initiative’s success. Without integrating or creating a listing, you can hardly build a real estate property management app.

Customised Data and Solutions Development

You’ll be able to set up an unlimited number of companies and let the system do the rest. Automate the core accounting transactions and loan accounts, eliminating manual data entry and the chance of errors. Connect virtual design and construction to your field teams to create real-time collaborative workflows that help teams get “clash-free” 3D models faster.

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When you agree on prototypes and finalize ideas, the project moves to the UI/UX design stage. Here you can see the final design and test the usability of the features you’ve requested during the discovery phase. Based on your feedback, the team finalizes the tech stack selection and determines the total project estimate.

Real-time data helps you make better decisions, manage rates, minimize risk and stop revenue leaks. We have also developedApartmii, a one-of-a-kind engine that can be immediately integrated into any real estate solution. Its inclusion allows developmental processes to be accelerated or even skipped as it makes use of new technologies that make the experience easier for consumers. Because property management software often contains highly sensitive and personal information, security should be your first priority.

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It allows you to test the marketability of your idea, get early feedback from your target audience, and make necessary changes before you invest too much time and money into your product. It is data-driven and gives users end-to-end control over complex projects. It lowers overruns and increases profitability by using work-in-progress data captured via mobile device in the field.